Sunburst Tangerine

Sunburst is the most widely grown commercial early Florida tangerine. The rind is thin, smooth, and somewhat easily removed. Fruit segments number from 11 to 14 and have a somewhat hollow central axis. The peel is an outstanding dark orange color with excellent internal juice color.

Honey Tangerine

Tangerines have been cultivated for over 3,000 years in China. Honey tangerines are the most widely grown tangerine, are easily peeled, much like a Satsuma mandarin, but have more flavor and grow true from the seeds.

Mexican Tangerines

They currently grow Dancy’s, Sunburst and Honey/murcott Tangerines. Mexico is the third largest grower of tangerines in the world. A tangerine is a variety of Mandarin orange. The tangerine has some similarities to the orange but is smaller and oblate in shape and has a more pungent odor, a thinner rind, and sections that may be readily separated.

Fallglo Tangerines

Fall Glo tangerines are an early season variety with excellent flavor, with thin skin that peels so easily it almost jumps out of your hands. The taste is very sweet with a touch of tartness. The peel is a deep orange color.